Bundle & Save

Whenever we quote an auto insurance policy we always ask the customer about their home insurance.

Why do we do this? To save you money! 


Our carriers offer account credits to customers who insure both their auto and home with the same company (and sometimes even a different company within the same agency). These credits are often significant and can save you up to 20% off your insurance. 

When you bundle your policies, insurance companies will give you a discount on both your auto insurance and your house insurance. Our companies offer approximately 10% off auto insurance and 20% off house insurance when insured with the same company.

Not a homeowner? Not a problem! Some companies offer a family discount for those who live with family. Have an apartment or condo? You can still get an account credit with renters or condo insurance!

Benefits Beyond Savings

  • You always talk to the same person. When you call us, you deal with your agent. When you call an 800 number, you deal with whoever answers the phone.
  • We know your account. Because you always deal with the same person, we get to know you and your insurance. We know what coverage you need and know when to recommend changing coverage.
  • We represent multiple companies. Buy a new home? Have a change in your family? A new, young driver? We can quote your policies with our other carriers to see if they may be a better fit.