Why Should I Schedule Jewelry?


So you got a new piece of jewelry…do you know what kind of coverage your insurance provides? A basic policy will provide you with some coverage but the best way to protect your jewelry is to schedule it on your policy. 

Why should I schedule my jewelry?

  • Your house or tenant’s insurance has basic coverage for jewelry, however there is usually a limit of $1,000 on a basic policy
  • In addition to having a lower limit, a basic policy only covers you for theft of jewelry. If you lose a stone or lose the piece in general, you don’t have coverage.
  • Another benefit to scheduling your jewelry is that there is no deductible in the case of a loss. If it is not scheduled any claims would be subject to the deductible. 

I want to schedule my jewelry, what do I do now?

Get appraisals for the pieces you want to add to your policy and contact our office!