Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

What is one of the biggest mistakes buyers make when trying to save on auto insurance? Selecting an insurance company by price alone.

Sometimes customers receive a lower quote from a “big-box” company. What these companies often don’t tell you is that they cut your coverage in order to lower the quote. And that can have big financial consequences if you have a claim.

Some of these larger companies offer a low teaser rate the first term of 6 months or a year, only to raise the premium substantially at the end of the term.

And the customer service you receive from the big-box companies may not be what you expect. Think customer service doesn’t matter? One claim that’s handled badly might change your mind.

While the big-box companies will write you a policy, they may not take the time to review your individual circumstances to identify potential gaps in coverage that might expose you to risk.

Our agency represents multiple companies so we can provide you with the best coverage from financially solid and A-rated companies at the lowest price. We take a comprehensive look at your personal insurance needs to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. Your account will be assigned to one account representative who will respond promptly to resolve your issues and is available by email, phone, or in person if you prefer. Our customer service is second to none!

Beware next time you receive a quote from a big-box company.
You might get less than you bargained for!